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Approaching Women Just Go Over

Approaching women in a bar or club can be fun but for most guys approaching women is one of the hardest and scariest things in the world. Let me ask you can you remember the last time you were out and you saw a beautiful girl; you looked at her, she looked at you and you didn’t walk up to her and say hello? Why not?

No matter your age if you are a single guy I am sure you would have noticed how many beautiful, intelligent single women there are. In fact latest statics show that there are far more single women than single men. Now you would think that’s great news for single guys, the problem is so many guys are either too fearful or have no idea how to approach women, make small talk and walk away with a phone number.

When it comes to approaching women fear seems to be one thing that holds guys back, mainly the fear of rejection. When you really look at it though, how can any person truly reject another person? I agree they can reject a situation, an idea or an advance but to reject you as a person can’t be done. Think of a time when you approached a woman and things didn’t go the way you wanted them to. Instead of beating yourself up about it, look at what really happened. Why didn’t things work out?

Another common reason most guys won’t approach women is that they want to come up with something unique to say. The only problem with this is that if you have never met this person before how do you know what you’re going to say is unique to them? There is no way of knowing this, so while you are thinking of that unique thing to say which she is going to love, another guy has already moved in, or worse still she has moved on.

Do you feel embarrassed to just walk up to a girl and start talking to her with out pick up lines? If so you’re not alone many guys do. What is it you are embarrassed about? It’s nearly impossible to be embarrassed about something that has not happened. The only reason you can feel embarrassed about approaching women is because of what you are thinking about yourself.

What do you think of yourself? All day you are talking, whether internally or externally. If you spoke to your friends the way you spoke to yourself would they be your friends? One thing that every guy who is very good with women has in common is the belief they have in themselves, they too have internal conversations with themselves just in a different way.

In a recent survey over 1,000 girls were asked what quality they look for in a potential partner. The answer was not looks, money or what car he drives, it was confidence. The best thing about confidence is that nobody is born with confidence, it is a learned skill. A skill that you can have when it comes to approaching women. Also dont use pick up lines.

If you really want to know how to get into a girls pants, where to meet single girls or what attracts women to men contact Loveawake

Good Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls

Published under copyright by Loveawake dating site. © Copyright 2009-2020. All rights reserved.

Guys believe that if they want to get better approaching girls they need to know good pick up lines to use on girls. Whenever I’m asked what good pick up lines to use on girls I know or use, guys seem to take a step back when I tell them I don’t know any good pick up lines to use on girls. There always seems to be talk about pickup lines some websites are dedicated to giving you the best or what they think is the best pickup lines, so do pick up lines actually work? Well in my opinion no they don’t, in my opinion there is no such thing as good pickup lines to use on girls.

When you forget about learning pickup lines and start spending your time learning attraction and better ways to open a conversation your success with women will increase dramatically. When you use pickup lines to start a conversation it’s not effective, all it will do is show it the girl that you really have no confidence around women.

If you are the kind of guy who thinks pickup lines are the only way to open a conversation I would highly suggest you read this article in its entirety.

It amazes me a lot of guys think women aren’t very smart and they can be fooled very easily, let me give you some advice women are very smart and you’re so called great pickup line has probably being used on her enough times for her to start cringing before you’ve even finished.

If you really want to waste your time and see no dramatic improvements in your success with women spend as much time as you can researching good pick up lines to use on girls. If you want to increase your success with women I would highly suggest spending this amount of time working on yourself.

When you use a pick up line to start a conversation with the woman what she really hears is “Hi I’m other lame guy who has no clue about how to approach women so what I’m going to do is try and impress you with this pickup line I found on the Internet” ask yourself this question how many times have you used a pickup line and then ended up getting a phone number or taking her home that same night I would hallucinate very few if any.

Let’s analyze a pickup line and these so-called good pickup lines to use on girls. Most pickup lines are one maybe two lines so in other words you walk up to a woman you get her attention and then deliver your great line, now 1% of the time this may work but the other 99% of the time you’ll get that look that says stay away from me you weirdo.

Quick question what happens if you deliver your fantastic pickup line and she shuts you down? What do you do next? What about if you meet a rare woman who actually thinks you’re pickup line is funny are you able to hold a conversation with her? See that’s the problem with pickup lines there is really nowhere to go after your have used it let me give you a quick example.

You walk up to all woman and say something lame like was your father a thief because he stole the stars and put them in your eyes. Now she turns to you and says no my dad is a  builder. Not only will she laugh at you her friends will laugh at you and she now owns this interaction in other words you have very quickly become her bitch.

Now unless you are very experienced with women there’s no way you’ll ever come back from this and not only have you lost the chance to talk with the girl you like because all of her friends now think you’re a fool you lost your chance with them as well.

Guys, intelligent woman can pick that you’re trying to pick her up with a pickup line from a mile away and not only will she want you to know that she knows you are trying to use a pickup line, she would actually make things harder for you for using it.

So if there’s no such thing as good pick up lines to use on girls why do so many guys spend so much time trying to find that one elusive pickup line that all were in every situation? We can put this down to three reasons

Reason 1. Guys Want Good Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls.

Most guys just want instant gratification, what I mean by this is instead of taking the time to learn the skill set to be able to approach, attract and date any woman he may choose they think that if they find a quick pickup line this will be the answer to all their problems. A guy who is great with women would never resort to using pickup lines

Reason 2. Guys Want Good Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls.

Most guys quite rightly believe that women love guys who can make them laugh, no truer words have ever been spoken. Women love guys who can make them laugh, so a guy reads a pickup line on the Internet finds it funny and thinks that will make her laugh then she’ll like him, unfortunately they didn’t take into consideration the pickup line was probably lame in the first place. So when you deliver it instead of being this funny guy you quickly become the creepy lame guy.

Reason 3. Guys Want Good Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls.

Some guys actually believe that if they didn’t use pickup lines there is no way they could ever meet women. Instead of taking the time to learn how to open a conversation they used a pickup line basically to save them time and learning. Whether it’s learning to approach women or learning anything in your life you should never be lazy with you learning.

Now you know the three reasons the guys actually want a good pick up lines to use on girls but look at the reasons why they don’t work

Reason 1. Good Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls Don’t Work.

Pickup lines don’t stir any emotions in a woman. Women are emotional creatures if you can stir emotion up when you are speaking to her she will pay attention to what you’re saying if you can’t create any emotion within her you would just be dismissed as another guy trying to sleep with her.

Reason 2. Good Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls Don’t Work.

Believe it or not pick up lines don’t actually showcase who you really are unless of course you are boring and lame then they showcase you are perfectly. Being able to start a conversation that is clearly not rehearsed not only shows that you’re a confident guy it also shows you are interesting

Reason 3. Good Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls Don’t Work.

By the time the girl has left college or high school chances are she has heard just about every pickup line there is. In fact she’s probably heard them more than once when she’s in a bar or nightclub. If she hears a guy repeats one of those old pickup lines she instantly thinks you’re treating her like a child or that you don’t think she’s very intelligent.

Reason 4. Good Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls Don’t Work.

Rightly or wrongly most beautiful women believe that when a guy tries to start a conversation with a pickup line what he’s really trying to do is hide from the social inadequacies.

Reason 5. Good Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls Don’t Work.

Most pickup lines are very direct and have a sexual nature about them. Most women don’t appreciate when sex is brought up within the first 30 seconds of meeting a guy. Yes women do like sex and talking about sex but not within 30 seconds of meeting you. Even if you are interested in this girl she will think that you’re just trying to get her into bed.

Reason 6. Good Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls Don’t Work.

All pickup lines are closed statements meaning that if it doesn’t go well and chances are in wont there is nowhere to go from here. Being able to start a conversation you can take the conversation where ever you want to go no matter her response.

Now you may disagree with everything I have said and that’s fine my experience in this industry is for the past decade I’ve been working with guys to make sure they are more successful with women. If you disagree with what I’m saying that’s fine it’s your choice if you want to keep using pickup lines on your own head be it.

Let me give you the biggest reason why pickup lines don’t work. When you approach a woman she’s not judging you on what you first say she is judging you on what you say second. You see any guy can learn a lame line but only a guy who is skilled in conversation can carry the conversation.

If you have read through this article and you can see what I’m saying is true and you really want to learn how to correctly approach women and open a conversation with them our coaching packages have been designed pickup line free. We do this so no matter where you are you can open a conversation with a beautiful woman with out appearing to be lame or socially inapt.


How Not to Get a Date With Mila Kunis

While you may not be a badass US Marine with an invite to the Marine Corps Ball, like the guy who used an online video to procure a meet-up with Mila Kunis—she downgraded from actually accepting the ball invite when she realized she is filming two movies at the same time—you can still up your game and display some creativity when asking a girl out.

But here’s the thing. Since my company, Loveawake, doesn’t like to make a big deal out of “dates,” I had to do a bit of research on this one. I tried to assemble a short list of three supposedly “creative” ways to ask a girl out that won’t end up being something you’ll regret ’till the end of days. I failed in epic fashion, discovering only the absolute worst ideas one can dig up on the World of Warcraft message boards and beyond.

The examples below are all legit productions tried by real guys that would probably work great in a romantic comedy. Got a better plan that actually succeeded? Please share with the group in the comments section.

Put up posters of the girl you like all over campus

The Move: Mistakenly thinking that student government was actually cool, our first poor bastard recruited his friends to hang over a hundred posters of the girl he fancied.

The Fallout: Upon her arrival to campus that morning, she was horrified to see practically the entire student body laughing at both her and her admirer. Leaving school early (and, no doubt, debating whether to transfer altogether), she not only didn’t accept his invitation, but most likely still has him blocked on Facebook so he can’t show up at her work.

Create a fake crime scene outside her house

The Move: Our second moron thought puns were so amazing that they could only be improved by adding a visual element, preferably with a dash of shock and awe thrown in for good measure. Thus, he got ahold of some police caution tape and draped it all over her front porch, the sidewalk and the yard. He then created a chalk outline of a dead body on her walkway and placed a sign next to it that read: “I’m dying to take you out on Friday.”

The Fallout: The girl and her parents thought this was potentially a veiled threat of suicide and called the police, the boy’s parents, and school administration. He was simultaneously suspended from school, taken into custody for a psychological evaluation and placed under house arrest/suicide watch by his family. No word on whether he got any that Friday. Your guess is as good as ours.

Surprise her someplace she said she’d be with a gift

The Move: Our third and final misguided soul ambushed a friend of mine (we’ll call her Stephanie) with the following symphonic blend of poor taste, supplication, lack of attention to detail and stalkerish-ness. After they met briefly at a party, Stephanie had to leave and go pack for an early flight in the morning. Unfortunately, she’d made the mistake of mentioning where she was headed (see where I’m going with this?) and at what time. This dim dude decided it’d be a good move to show up at the airport before her flight with a bag of fruit.

The Fallout: Her reaction, as one can only imagine, must have been priceless. A fluidly evolving spectrum of surprise and disbelief, followed closely by fear and, finally, pity. Not only is it creepy to show up at the airport at dawn, not only is it frightening that he remembered where she was going and looked up which flight and airline so he could find the terminal, and not only is it even more obscene that he thought she would actually enjoy this gesture…but she fricking hates fruit. Smoooooth.