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How to write an essay for college transfer

When it comes to translating college essays, the most important thing is to write convincing and filled with your personal style, not a cookie cutter. 

Your personal statement is an opportunity to state all the reasons why you want to go to a specific college.  You want this to be a very strong statement.  You also need to show that you have all the necessary skills required to complete the course.

It can be a series of tests, presentations, or even just a completed coursework.  Your introductory essay should always begin with a personal statement and should include all the information that admissions staff will need to evaluate you.  At this point in the essay, you should also highlight any additional talents or abilities you have.  Many students try to write on their own and this is good, but first I would recommend looking at examples of work that are written by professionals, here are our examples

When writing an essay, it is important to remember that you are selling yourself.  You are not writing an admission letter, but you are trying to convince the admissions officer that you are worthy of applying.  You must prove yourself with this essay.  Finally, before finishing your essay, write a review of your high school career.  Highlight highlights and any achievements or aspects of your career that you think can help you succeed in your new college.  Remember that this is not your only chance to enroll in your chosen college, so do not write this section as a trial section.
Review your introductory essay carefully and use common sense.  Make sure you don't miss anything, and make sure your personal statement and introductory essay is an honest and completely honest reflection of who you are.