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Best Expository Essay Topics for College Students in 2021

The term ‘expository’ mainly refers to describing and defining something. It particularly indicates the examination of a specific issue. 

The expository essay can be used as a common term for several essays. It may include problem and solution, descriptive, and cause or effect essays.

When selecting an exciting idea, we have compiled a list of topics for your expository essay. Have a look at them to get the topic you are passionate about and you will be able to tell yourself that i can write my essay.




  • Write a paragraph on your role model
  • The superpower you would choose
  • Which one is better to live in: a city or village
  • Do you like to be an actor?
  • What is your favorite movie genre, and why?
  • Discuss the reason for increasing divorce rates
  • Alcohol is a solution to many problems
  • Do you look to cook?
  • The influence of music in your life
  • What is the meaning of true friendship?
  • The changes needed in the education sector
  • Discuss the importance of homework
  • Why are there so many religions?
  • What is the philosophy of life according to you?
  • Is it possible to travel time?
  • Describe the effect of diversity in a classroom

Go through more topics below and you won't have to ask someone to write my essay for me

  • Why do people celebrate Christmas?
  • In what way can we make our community a better place?
  • Describe the effects of air pollution on human health
  • Causes and effects of bullying in school
  • Compare and contrast your two favorite TV shows
  • What is the impact of social media on student grades?
  • Describe how you feel if you perform poorly academically
  • How do you prepare your favorite meal?
  • How to become a good leader
  • The influence of peer pressure on youths
  • The predisposing factors to rape in our community
  • Explain the positive effects of the internet on communication
  • Describe how college students can eat healthy on a student budget
  • What are the implications of technology on relationships?
  • What are the major stressors in the lives of teens?
  • Describe the impact of music on your life
  • What are the likely outcomes of skipping classes?
  • The best social website for dating
  • Why do students get detention time
  • What are funny superstitions that are real?
  • The best dating places in your area
  • Best practices that help to preserve endangered animals
  • What are the truths in creatures of fantasy?
  • Description of the best health snacks

If you still feel like you need help to write essay for me, don't worry we have got you covered with even more 

  • Description do real-life funny behind-the-scenes occurrences
  • How to be a rich geek
  • How to make a dating website
  • The fastest path to becoming obese
  • How to fail a clean deal
  • How to come last in class
  • How to become the most unpopular kid at school
  • How to become the college clown
  • How do the deaf talk with emotion?
  • How and why do males and females communicate differently?
  • How to improve your public speaking skills
  • Why are yawns and smiles contagious?
  • The history of the use of underwear
  • A description of the mummification process
  • In your opinion, should students and teachers be friends on social networks?
  • Should children be allowed to eat and relax during classes?
  • How important is a formal education in building a successful career?
  • Are test scores an excellent indication of the competency of a school?
  • Common foods in different countries
  • The negative Social impact of AIDs
  • What emotions do people feel when they go blind?
  • In what ways is ballet similar to karate?
  • How do mountains come to be?
  • History and myth surrounding the Nile River
  • The history and effect of Birth control in China
  • The negative impact of high heels on women’s backs
  • Compare and contrast cats and dogs

You can choose an amazing topic from this above-mentioned list. However, if you are still confused, get help from an essay writing service to process your write my paper requests in no time. 


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